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YouTube Vanced MOD APK [v16.20.35] Remove Ads for Android

If you do not use YouTube Premium, you have to suffer from many YouTube ads frequently. Annoyingly, some of these ads are often in the form of videos. Moreover, a normal Youtube version does not support background playback and Picture-in-Picture (PiP). But the YouTube Vanced latest version can help you tackle these problems.

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YouTube Vanced Comprehensive Review

Initially, YouTube Vanced was called YouTube Background Playback, but then Master_T and Xda Developers renamed it YouTube Vanced (short for Advanced). As of the time of writing the article, the latest version is YouTube Vanced 16.18.38.

YouTube Vanced offers many features such as Picture in Picture (PIP) mode, no sponsor ads, background music play, etc. With such fantastic features and specifications, the app has quickly gained popularity among the Android community. As a result, there are over 1 billion downloads and billions of active users worldwide.

YouTube Vanced

Background Play

For normal YouTube users, it is impossible to play videos or music in the background. However, suppose you are enjoying your favorite songs or videos, your friend sends you a message on Messenger. Then, of course, you need to pause your music and switch to the Messenger app to reply to the message. This can reduce your music listening experience dramatically.

However, YouTube Vanced helps you overcome this issue by running your popular music in the background. Consequently, it is convenient to listen to your favorite playlists, send messages to your friends, read newspapers, use Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Even when your smartphone’s screen is locked, this app still runs.

YouTube Vanced

Ads Blockers

Ad-blocking is one of the highlighting features of this app. The annoying sponsor ads randomly appearing in the middle of videos are no longer a problem. With Youtube Vanced, all forms of sponsor ads and unwanted things such as intros, outros, and subscription reminders all get blocked. So you can indulge in your videos of your interests without any disturbance or interference.

This ad-blocking feature is activated by default after you’ve installed the app on your devices. Of course, you can decide to enable or disable it as you like.

Zoom in & Force HDR mode

Now it turns out to be such a breeze for you to zoom in on the videos. Specifically, you use two fingers to zoom in on them like the way you do with photos. But this feature is only available for devices with rabbit ears and 18:9 screens.

In addition, if you are yearning for a cinematic experience, the app provides you with the Codec Override feature. Hence, you can quickly force HDR playback or 60fps. The default video resolution is adjusted according to your preference, and the screen resolution is forced for the sharp 4K playback on your smartphones.

YouTube Vanced

Various Other Features

Besides the above features, some other highlights of YouTube Vanced include Auto Repeat, Controls for Volume and Brightness, Toggle Themes, Casting Toggle, etc. For example, the auto-repeat feature helps you listen to your songs, and the videos can keep playing in a loop. In addition, the true AMOLED dark mode reduces battery consumption and relieves eye strain.

Pros & Cons of YouTube Vanced



Download YouTube Vanced APK

YouTube Vanced

There are three variants that you can get with the Vanced App.

Root variant

The official YouTube app is entirely replaced by YouTube Vanced when installing this root variant on your devices. Hence, you can open YouTube links directly or using Google assistant with the modded app. In the case of this version, you need to have Google Play Services on your phone.

Non-root variant

YouTube Vanced and the official YouTube app can work together in the non-root variant. However, you have to install the companion app called MicroG to log in with your Google Account. Also, it needs to be set as the default app to open YouTube links.

Magisk Variant

In this variant, you can use Magisk Repo, the ‘magisk.plz’ or the Magisk module to install YouTube Vanced app on Magisk devices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

YouTube Vanced

What is YouTube Vanced?

Youtube Vanced is the YouTube app’s MOD version that includes ad-blocking, PIP mode, background play, and many more. One easy way to install this version is to use the Vanced Manager app.

Is YouTube Vanced safe?

Yes. You can rest assured when using YouTube Vanced because it’s virtually risk-free.

Do I need rooted devices to use YouTube Vanced?

No. YouTube Vanced can run on both rooted devices and devices that don’t have root access.

Does Youtube Vanced take up much data?

No. It does not consume any extra data than the normal YouTube. Thus, you can use this app with no need to worry.

Is MicroG needed to use Youtube Vanced?

If you choose the Magisk variant or non-root variant, then you need MicroG Manager. But if you are using a rooted variant, there’s no need to install the MicroG manager.

YouTube Vanced

Is it available on Google Play Store?

Google does not allow any modded version of their apps to appear on Play Store. Hence, please don’t waste your time looking for it on the Google Play Store. Instead, you can use the Vanced Manager app or GitHub repo to download and install You Vanced.

Can I Download YouTube Videos?

No. You cannot download videos to your mobile devices with YouTube Vanced. Therefore, to download YouTube videos, you can go for TubeMate or SnapTube.

Is this app YouTube Premium?

YouTube Vanced is NOT YouTube Premium. Instead, it is a new modded version of the stock YouTube app with multiple features such as Ad Blocking, Background Playback, PIP mode, etc.

Does YouTube Vanced auto-update?

No, it doesn’t. But you will receive notification from the Vanced Manager whenever there’s an update available.

In conclusion, YouTube Vanced allows you to enjoy your favorite videos ad-free and make videos more functional with its zoom-in feature. In addition, all the features such as PIP mode, background playback, and Codec Override result in a more comfortable user experience. Hence, why don’t you download this app and immerse yourself in your favorite music and videos?

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Download YouTube Vanced Latest Version

YouTube Vanced [Black] MOD version 16.29.39 [32MB] YouTube Vanced Manager MOD version 1.2.0 [4MB]

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